Magento 2.0 is released, however there may be various issues that a Developer might go through.One of the prime concern would be: Broken Links for Static files like js, css & images etc.
links will not work in following cases:

  • Installation of Magento 2.0 in Windows
  • Moving the folders to any other location
  • Migrating your current magento 2.0 to another server or go live

So if you face such kind of issues, and your admin and front end link’s are not functioning accordingly,
and all static file links are not working because of symlinks created by Magento for Static content.

please follow the below steps to fix the same:

  • Remove all files and folders , except .htaccess file from folder
  • Open /magento2path/app/etc/di.xml
    • if you want to remove symlinks then edit app/etc/di.xml file. or if you just want to fix symlinks than do not edit app/etc/di.xml
    • find following code
  • Deploy Static Content again

NOTE: Make sure you have backup for pub/static folder


Magento 2.0 : static files links not working



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