Speed Up Your Magento 2 Store performance

Nowadays online shopping is quite frequent. People mostly choose to shop online with different shopping portals. All this has made the life of human smooth, comfortable and effortless, and Magento has played a relevant role in making this website easily accessible.  Magento is an e-commerce open source platform which is highly compatible to build these shopping sites. Various users all over the globe are dependent on CMS or e-commerce platform like Magento. Users are facing speed issues with such e-commerce platform. So it is necessary to follow some points to avoid such situation.

Here Emizen Tech Store highly certified Magento 2 developers has highlighted top optimization tips to boost your Magento 2 store performance. We ensure these below tips will help you to enhance your Magento 2 store performance and functionality.  

1. Timely Upgrade
Upgradation is an important part of life whether it is of human or machine to get things better, so always try to update the version of Magento2 on time. This will help you to get more features and better techniques to get rid of bugs or other issues. Magento will notify when there will be any such important upgrade available.

2. Using Varnish
Although Magento2 gives the built-in cache functionality, which has enhanced the speed to 0.5seconds. Still, it is not the optimal time that Google expects, thus using  Varnish 4.x (or latest stable version.) and Cache Storage: Redis 3.x will reduce the website time loading from 0.5sec to 0.1-0.2 seconds.

3. Image Optimization
It is true that a customer gets attracted more by image than by content, but using an image in website slow down the speed of website loading. Thus, optimizing the image size is very necessary to increase website speed.

4. Optimize Magento database by Cleaning log
One should clean the database in case of more than 200 MB’s of data on the website. Before doing any such cleaning, it is necessary to back up data of the site.
There are three ways to clean database.
1. Log Cleaning in the Magento Admin
2. log.php in the ../shell directory
3. manually via phpMyAdmin or MySQL client

5. Js and CSS Optimization
The two mentioned terms JS and CSS gives the frontend a dynamic look and is also one of the reasons of slow down speed. Therefore by optimizing CSS and JS, this issue can be resolved to a great extent.

6. Using CDN (Content Delivery Network)
CDN is a system that is disbursed in different countries. The user can use CDN of a particular country to run the website with high configuration.  It results in faster loading of websites.

7. Choose Reliable Host
The speed and activities of your CMS highly depends on the host you are using to run the store. Thus to choose the correct host is one of an important step. There are many reliable hosts like AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle, etc.

8. Enable Flat Catalog
Once you enable Flat Catalog model, it will merge the product data in a single user table which fasten the MYSQL queries and results in high speed.

9. MYSQL Configuration
By updating indexes one can speed up MYSQL queries, this will help in speeding up Magento store. Although this is done by default sometimes has to be done manually.

Final words:  By following these above optimization tips you can enhance your store functionality and overall performance of your e-commerce store. It will help to enhance your business sales and revenue as well as for your eCommerce store. These points are guaranteed to give your customers a unique shopping experience.
If you are looking to build a Magento 2 e-commerce store for your business or need optimizations for your existing one? Share your specific requirements with us we will glad to help you! If your are still facing optimization issues for your store, then you can contact us for our top rated Magento 2 extensions and web development services to get the right solution for your business.

Consider These Practical Tips to Boost Your Magento 2 Store Performance