Reduce cart abandonment  in Magento stores

‘Cart Abandonment’ is such an increasing and major concern nowadays for every eCommerce site holder or owners. Before going further let’s discuss what ‘Cart Abandonment’ is actually? It’s an activity of various customers who go for online shopping, add items in the cart and then leave the cart at the end point of time and exit from the site. As abandonment is an eCommerce term used to describe a visitor on a web page who ditches the page without completing the action. Well, there are several types of abandonment you will be curious to know like, booking abandonment, form abandonment, browse abandonment and the latest we hear about Cart Abandonment.

The most annoying thing an eCommerce site owner can ever feel. The eCommerce people can simply empathize with this incident. They are the one who invests an innovative deal and a good amount of money, resources and time, spend on products, warehouses, shipping, working members, and staff. But then what they get is the Cart Abandonment. Every day, they check their eCommerce analytics data to examine their growth, progress, and performance. After putting a lot of efforts, cart abandonment spoils all strategies of engaging visitors and site conversion. Some customers select items of their choice, put it into the cart and then leave it as it is. But, we can never lose hope, and hence we have some strategies to which you can solve cart abandonment problem.
Let’s strategize the following ways provided by the top Magento 2 extension online store India  Emizen Tech to Reduce Cart Abandonment in Magento Stores.

Have a look on these top features provided below by the Emizen Tech:

●Lower Shipping Charge/ Free Delivery: You know what irritates the most to the customers when they almost get ready to pay after collecting items in the cart? The Shipping charges! Yes, that’s right, the majority of people will agree to this without any second thought. Therefore, if you want your customers to avoid abandon then go for free shipping occasionally. And, if it’s not possible then make the shipping charges a little less, it can convince the customer easily.

●Provide Shipping Calculator: Yes, the shipping calculator a new term to be introduced. As the technology is going high, anything is getting possible here. Shipping calculator software is a device that you can make available on your site. You can either buy from the third party or make it inbuilt in your site. It actually calculates the proper amount of shipping charges as per the location where the product has to reach and from where it had to ship. Therefore, implement this strategy on your site and see how things are gonna work out.

●Flash! Related Products: While shopping for a product, a customer search for varieties in the same category. For, e.g., If someone is shopping for a dress, but he/she wants it in a different color and different pattern. In this case, they can decide to switch until and unless you provide the variety. Therefore, try to pop up related products on the same page where they are already doing their shopping. Because it can allure customers so quickly and also help them in retaining for the longest time.

●Organize Checkout: Always try to keep the checkout process smooth and clear so that the clients can’t get confused about that. One of the reasons for cart abandonment is checkout complications. Customers find that there are too many steps regarding checkout process and that makes them frustrated. The best thing to bring your customers back is to offer something great that can stop them to exit. Offer some exciting discounts and deals. It can help in retaining them as well.

●Facilitate Proper Return Option: Return option should be clear and feasible for the customers whosoever want to return back their purchased items due to various reasons. Many times it happens that customers are unable to find the better return policy on certain sites. This is also one of the major reason for switching customers from your site. So, from next make it in consideration.

●Suitable Emails/Messages: Keep your customers connected wisely by sending them email and text messages time to time. Also, avoid bombarding of emails and text messages as it can only annoy them again and again. Therefore, keep it smooth and balanced. This annoying activity can also be considered as one of the reasons for cart abandonment.


Cart Abandonment

●Keep It Clear: Customers never like to face any hidden charge or policy while shopping online and if something like this occurs, customers may decide for the instant switch. Therefore, if you want to save your site from cart abandonment, you have to be transparent with your customers.
●Keep It Secure: Security is the best policy, and every customer wants their transaction to be secure. As many fraud cases are occurring nowadays. To make your clients believe in you, you have to make your policy safe.

Final Words, So after facing such the trouble of cart abandonment, you got several ways to get rid of it and how to stop this action. Hence, being an eCommerce person, you can now implement the top smart ways to reduce cart abandonment in Magento 2 Stores from now onwards. It’s a revolution that you are gonna begun.

Top Smart Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment in Magento Stores