Mobile app For E-commerceBusiness

Shopping! A word or activity which everyone is fond of. The e-commerce platform had made the life of retailers, customers, manufacturers so easy and affordable that no one is required to visit the market to buy the necessities personally.

In today’s time shopping is not difficult or time-consuming like it was earlier because of availability of every thing on online shopping portals. There are uncountable sites available for shopping of all kind household items, clothing, accessories, etc.

With a span of time, the advancement had lead to such a level that nowadays all these shopping sites have created their mobile applications.

Few points that support Mobile app development e-commerce platforms are: 

Here are some top benefits highlighted by Emizen Tech E-commerce developers which needs to consider for an E-commerce development platform growth:    

1. Easily Accessible: More than 70% of users opt to use mobile apps rather than the browser on their smart phones. If we talk about this percentage, it includes both youth and elderly.

2. Beneficial for business enterprises: According to study 60% or more firms have created mobile apps for their sales of activities. This is because people find Conclusion this way more straightforward and affordable to buy their requirements using these apps instead of roaming around to find things.

3. 24*7 availability: There is a plus point of the availability of these apps that one can access it either in the night or morning whenever he/she wants.

4. Competition: For retailers, it is a kind of competitive way as per the study more 80% retailers have their applications which are created to generate more sales.

5. So many URL’s: When anyone is using an app, the need to remember different URL’s are not required. All the items of different brands are available in a single app which eliminates the problem of memorizing so many URLs.

6. Push Notifications: One of the important part of these apps is that one can receive a push notification for new arrivals, offers, discounts, etc. This feature creates awareness among the customers and also keep them updated with the products. It proves a better way to build customer relationship by using dynamic apps.

 7. Not so challenging and expensive: The e-commerce platform encourages the retailers to develop their applications to improve and strengthen the sale. It is not that much expensive as one thinks it might be. Easily accessible and dynamic apps are developed to attract customers attention. Customers can also afford the use of these applications.

8. Increase Customer Loyalty: The e-commerce mobile apps help retailers to improve the interaction with consumers. It lets the retailers to be in direct touch with their clients. This enhances the reliability of users towards the retailers.

9. Better experience than store purchase: Suppose a customer steps into a store which is 3 or 4 floors constructed with each floor having different sections, and at the same time the same customer is browsing your app. Out of these two, the easiest way to shop is by using the app instead of roaming in a 4-floor building. Also, there are much more features that can be added in the app for customer usage like add to wishlist, add to cart, price filters, brand filters, etc.

In easy words, mobile apps had proved itself as the success stone in your business growth. These applications offer multiple dynamic benefits to both retailers and consumers. It not only builds true relationship with customers but also gives the retailers the opportunity to improve in user experience. The best part of these apps is that they provide better accessibility, fast purchase process, timely updates and much more.




Why You Need a Mobile App for Your E-commerce Platform Growth